Tile and Stone Industry Definitions

Buying new stone for your home can seem overwhelming at times, there are many different aspects to consider.

Here is a short, simple, yet effective glossary of some industry definitions so you can get familiar with our lingo!


There are three main finishes when it comes to stone:


Which gives the result of a glossy surface, aiding the reflection of light and drawing attention to the visual patterns and colour of the stone.








The surface of the stone is smooth, flat and consistent. Stones such as granite or marble, which carry a natural shine, will have their polish removed leaving a matte surface with little reflection and no ridges or bumps.






A rough, rugged textured finish which has anti-slip properties, making it suitable for high traffic residential or commercial applications.






Some other commonly used terms when referring to stone also include:



Which refers to differences in elevation between edges of adjacent tile modules.









Scheduled cleaning, procedures and inspections of your stone on a regular basis to ensure your surfaces are in prime condition.









A liquid cleaner or chemical mixed with a white absorbent material to form a thick, stain-removing paste.









Re-polishing or honing  marble, limestone or granite floors and walls.










Cleaning and re-polishing stone surfaces.









Actions taken to restore areas or structures to an original state or close as possible. Generally in references to historic and heritage structures.






Now you can successfully talk the talk!

Visit our showroom and exercise the new additions to your vocabulary on us.