Constructing Your Wet Room (Bathroom)

The idea of ​​a wet room may seem a bit complicated, even daunting to some, but in reality it’s actually very simple with just a few basic steps, along with the right products.

Converting the smallest bathroom into a smart and friendly design for a friendly room, without protruding fixtures or rigid shower trays, is an easy way to make your compact space lightweight and modern in feeling (it’s also easier to clean!).

Follow these 8 steps and you will be on your way to understanding the best way to install a wet room in your home

  • Choose your grate

Put your own style in a wet room by selecting a linear or square grid. Made of high quality stainless steel, they add luxury to your wet room. Available in a variety of designs, you can swap around the grid to create different looks.

  • Select a tray

The tray is the main unit of the wet room, the type of tray you choose depends on the shape of the grate you have already chosen and the position it will sit in the wet room. We always recommend that you place your drain under the shower for the most efficient flow.

  • Waterproofing

Perhaps the most important element: making sure your new space is resistant to water and humidity. There are two methods of waterproofing: matting which can be used under any application of a tile without time for coating or drying.

  • Floor Heating

It’s recommended to include floor heating in a new damp room; your room will stay warm all year round and this remains the most efficient and cost effective way to heat the bathroom.

  • Optional services

Construction boards allow you to create seats, enclosures and shelves in wet areas. Their thermal insulation properties also help to reduce heat loss. Heavy board boards can also hold heavy tiles, an ideal solution if you choose a larger tile.

  • Shower screen

Again, it does not matter depending on your bath shape or preferences, but the shower screen is a great way to protect the area outside the shower from damage.

  • Designing- the Fun Part!

It’s now time to let the interior designer in you out by choosing your wet room tile. Most modern porcelain tiles are ideally suited for wet room walls, but double check if they are suitable for the floor; we always recommend an anti-slip tile rated R 10 or higher and, of course, avoid any glossy polished tile.




  • Relax and enjoy

Complete the steps described above and then enjoy your new finished wet room.


For more information on floor heating, wet room installations or for just some inspiration, contact us to talk with one of our in-store professionals.

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