Stylish office tiling- setting the look and feel of your workspace

Often, decorative tile patterns on the walls of an office have been known to truly enhance the look and feel of the place. Tiles can give a feel of added space, increase the location’s value, create the atmosphere of your choice and help people be inspired by the design unique to your place of work.

3 pieces of advice for you when choosing your office look:

  1. When choosing a pattern, we recommend choosing BIG tiles. The bigger, the better, as the patterns of larger tiles create less distraction than smaller ones, allowing anyone working to retain their concentration for longer.
  2. As there are so many types of tiles to choose from – ceramic*, porcelain and vinyl just to name a few – you can choose multiple combinations to enhance the look further. There are so many designs, patterns and textures to choose from so you don’t have to settle with one product.
  3. Finally, The Carpet tile is always a good choice. Whether you prefer High Gloss Ceramic, Polished Matt Finish or Porcelain Glazed, there’ll always be something to get your office space looking and feeling great!

*Please note that Ceramic tiles are¬†only used for walls, as that’s what they are designed for. Some tiles can be used for both walls or floors, however if that is what you’re after you should contact us to see what products we recommend.

For more ideas and to find out what we have in stock for you, check out our online catalogue or drop in to the store and speak with our staff in person.

Below are some photos on stylish office tiling from our Portfolio to inspire you!

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