Reception and open office space examples, plus the benefits of floor tiles

Below are some photos of open office space and reception ideas for your next work renovation or build; we hope you find them both inspiring and helpful!

Of course, tiles and stones aren’t just for walls: there are also carpet floor tiles to add a very distinctive message to your customers. Here are the main reasons for choosing tile over softer carpets.

What to consider when choosing tiles

Although floor tiles when used in reception ares or offices may not always be easy to maintain, this depends more on the type of material chosen and where they’ll be installed. Despite this, having such a wide choice of colours and patterns can give companies a way to make a bold welcome statement for any visitor.

As well as ensuring they adhere to health and safety guidelines, most importantly health and safety anti-slip requirements for business, tiles have a longevity over many carpets. This of course means that considering the amount of footfall the office and or reception will experience means your floor will have to be extremely durable.

The benefits of floor tiles in commercial properties

Whether you need porcelain tiles or you choose natural stone, floor tiles are actually one of the easiest flooring types to keep clean. Liquids and stains sit on the top of the tile, making it easy to wipe away. They’re also extremely resilient to heavy duty cleaners, meaning difficult and stubborn stains be removed very easily.

Another example of carpet tiles is they tend to not attract dust or pollen, making them an excellent choice to keep the air free of materials known to cause allergy sufferers discomfort.

Finally, with all the types of floor tiles available, you get the option of making an extremely eye-catching pattern that you don’t get with other flooring options.


Simply put, choosing floor tiles means you can’t go wrong if you plan is to impress people, offering them a touch of luxury and glamour. High gloss tiles are a never-ending trend to add that feeling and appearance. Larger tiles also give a commercial building a feeling of luxuriousness.

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