Ways to use Mosaic Tiles

Display some artistic flare!

Mosaic tiles can be used in a variety of design choices, whether adding an eloquent flare to a large area or using mosaic design for finishing touches and fine detail. One can be reminded of a piece of art, mixing and matching multiple colours and even different finishes and textures. Here are some ways to make the most of this timeless method of tiling.

Feature Walls & Floors

Due to the extreme eye-catching nature of a mosaic design, it can be perfect to make a large impact on a space with a feature wall or floor. Full floor-to-ceiling tiled walls will certainly help you make a statement. Mosaics look amazing with contrasting colours, which can also make it much easier to tie into more complicated colour palettes.

Splash Backs

A more traditional use of mosaic tiles in a home would be for a kitchen splash back, which are certainly a focal point as soon as you walk in to the space. When choosing a back splash, considering the harmony it can create between your counter-tops is a must. Having said that, there can be great appeal in choosing a single colour block with a bold and busy pattern which contrasts with your counter-tops. On the other hand you can choose a colour that closely compliments with a pattern dictated by your choice of counter-top style. You can let your imagination and personal taste take the lead here as progression in home design has reached points that may have seemed “uncanny” at the time.

Zoning Space

There has been an extremely large demand for open floor plans in the modern age. People wish to have large, free flowing areas in favour of closed-off spaces, confined by walls and doors. When attempting to envision a design for a true open floor plan, it can become quite daunting trying to fill in the blanks for such a large, open canvas. Separating areas with single colours can prove to be a boring and plain design choice, that’s where mosaic tiles can step in. They are excellent for breaking up rooms and areas, due to it’s wide range of designs and colours available.

Tile Insets & Fine Details

Instead of a feature wall, you can use mosaic tiles as insets, creating small-to-medium talking points across the spaces in your home. You can use them in a variety of ways, such as inside built-in shelves, soap dishes and even inside kitchen and bathroom sinks. Mosaics are also great for fine detail, try them as borders for windows, walls and mirrors or horizontal wall dividers by continuing a back splash around a joining wall when it leaves the bench space. New ways to incorporate fine details are being created every day, to the point where it may be overwhelming to decide. Take a look out there and follow your personal taste at the end of the day..


Mosaic tiles are fun and artistic, with very few “wrong ways” to utilise them. Many choices come down to personal taste and preference so let your imagination run wild with all the different patterns and colours available!

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