Ideas for Kitchen Design

When it comes to remodelling or creating a kitchen from scratch, choosing the right design depends on many factors: the client’s or your own personal style prerequisites, how the kitchen is to be used and functional aspects such as efficiency, spaciousness and convenience.


Before starting the design process, it’s important to understand that kitchens are about more than just cooking – whether small or large, today they represent the heart of the home, the new living space for talking, eating, laughing, and sharing, so the style design will be crucial.

From cosy country kitchens to modern, minimal or even pop styles,

come and find one that suits your project with these innovative and

stylish decorating ideas by A&J Trading Tiles & Stones.

Whether you’re looking for a wood-look that’s still made from stone materials or just want a simple, neutral and appealing material quality, these are the defining features that have been shaped into A&J Tiles & Stones, the new smooth collection in porcelain stoneware.

Throughout the entire history of modern and contemporary architecture, whether it be the earliest origins with Le Corbusier’s Brutalism or the Japanese formwork of Tadao Ando, concrete tiles have been among the materials most widely used on the design scene, since they allow each design engineer to configure spaces and bring a personal touch, in line with specific style requirements.

A&J has fully exploited the characteristic feature of spattled tiles, coming up with a light, delicate collection with clean-cut, yet profound textures reminiscent of the material in its most typically original guise, enhanced by a careful selection of subtle details.

With many shading types, ranging from white to wood-look to high gloss, as well as a series of cold and warm grey nuances that combine attractively both with each other and with the materials featured in our collections, we have a strong variety of design solutions available to you.

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