Some tips for choosing bathroom tiles

Since roman times, tiles have been used for bathroom decor, it could even be speculated that ancient Egyptians used some kind of finished sandstone for their bathrooms!

In the modern age, they are a must due to the way homes are constructed. Whether protecting the plaster on your walls, protecting your flooring structure from rotting or protecting every single surface from the moisture that steam provides.

Here’s a few short tips to help you with your decision of bathroom tiles.

Some classic water resistant, go-to tiles for bathrooms are porcelain, ceramic and glass tiles,  As well as sealed natural stone tiles and sealed glazed tiles. An important thing to remember is to use a water resistant grout to seal the gaps between your tile work!

Consider durable and long-lasting tiles for your bathroom. Scrubbing away while cleaning with harsh chemicals constantly can take it’s toll on your beautiful tiles.

Anti-slip tiles are a great thing to keep in mind when deciding on your flooring. Sealed natural stone, sealed matte finishes and subtle rough textured tiles are great choices to keep you on your feet without having to cover up your stunning tiled floor with bathroom mats.

Affordable tiles can still make an amazing impact on a space, especially when refurbishing or adding extra updates to an older bathroom. Create contrasting colours between floor and walls or contrast between your tile and the grout you use. Use artistic design patterns such as Herringbone, Pinwheel, Hopscotch or Ogee Drop as a feature wall behind your bathtub or cascading down your shower wall. Use them as a back splash for your bathroom basin or a soap dish insert. Adding small, affordable touches like this will make a statement on your bathroom and not your pocket!

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