Top Trend Ideas for Bathroom Design

While bathrooms are a sanitary space for everyday use, they’ve also become quite sought-after, whether it’s a luxurious spa-at-home or simply designed for contemporary comforts. We’ll see bathroom design delve into themes like construction, organic shapes, natural materials, floating cabinetry, open shelving, and geometric tile patterns.


Blurred boundaries

No longer purely functional and practical, bathrooms are now imbued with a relaxing, restful ambience. To create a homelier feel in such sanitary spaces, it’s suggested that people start to bring in furniture and accessories more commonly found in the living room or bedroom. Cabinets custom-made to imitate furniture such as small wardrobes, vanity units and dressers are made bathroom-friendly with built-in faucets, storage, mirrors and lighting.

Detailed, bespoke furniture can feel quite special, creating an inviting place to escape to. Create a seamless transition from the bedroom by continuing the floor tiles and wall coverings across the bathroom threshold.



Wellness is no longer confined to the spa – it’s seeped into every aspect of our lifestyles, from eating healthy to sustainably-made furniture and fashion. At home, the epicentre of wellness remains the bathroom; whether you like to soothe away the day’s stresses in a spacious spa-like sanctuary or unwind with eco-friendly appliances, design reflects the sense of nature (and ourselves) with elements of natural and earthy materials, such as minerals, stone and river rock. Even a more luxurious large tile (see below image) and good lighting can be made into a calming, highly welcoming atmosphere.

No matter what the pattern or the design is for your bathroom, the overall aesthetic will have staying power so choose well.

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