Before purchasing or attempting to clean your stone surfaces, it’s highly recommended that you identify what type of stone you have. You can consult with a professional to help determine whether your stone is either siliceous or calcareous. Or you can even conduct your own acid sensitivity test with household vinegar or lemon juice and an eyedropper. It’s important that you choose an out-of-the-way area on your flooring or countertop, as the test can very quickly and thoroughly, etch your stone. Be sure to apply the test a few inches away from any mortar joints in your stone. If you are testing a countertop, considerRead More →

Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts: When on the topic of caring and cleaning your stone, there are some recommended do’s and don’ts that you should highly consider following:   Do dust mop your floors frequently Do keep surfaces clean with mild detergent Do use clean, clear water to rinse and dry your surfaces after washing Do blot up spills immediately, instead of wiping and spreading the spill/stain. Do exercise common protective practices such as using non-slip mats or rugs on floor surfaces and coasters. placemats or tablecloths on countertops.   Don’t use worn vacuum cleaners. The metal, plastic or wheels may scratch your surfaces. Don’t mixRead More →

Assessing the current condition of the stone surfaces in your home is another crucial step. It’s recommended you conduct a visual inspection in a checklist-like fashion. You may consider asking yourself some of these questions: Are the tiles flat and even? Are there any cracks in your stone surfaces? What type of stone finish exists? Has the stone been coated with any treatment? If so, which type and manufacturer? Are there signs of any stains? If so, can you identify which type? If the stone has been treated with a sealer, is it still prominent or is it wearing off? Your answers to these andRead More →

Here are some of the commonly used stones when designing homes. Marbles are mainly veined with fine-texture that can come in basically unlimited colour selections. Slates are usually dark green, black, grey, dark red or can be multi-coloured. Limestones are typically grey or tan. The main characteristic of limestone is the presence of shell/fossil impressions. Granites have crystal patterns with very little veining.   Being able to identify different types of stones when looking at ideas for designing your own home will give you an advantage, and insight into mixing & matching and noticing current trends.Read More →

Our Showroom is now open! We’ve recently opened our new showroom at the Hallmarc Business Park – it’s taken many months of work, but we’re ultimately very proud of the outcome. Our showroom is located at F10, 2A Westall Rd, Springvale in Hallmarc Business Park. Feel free to visit us any time – the street address is 2a Westall Road, Springvale, Melbourne, VIC. Pop in during business hours for a coffee and a chat!   Read More →