Often, decorative tile patterns on the walls of an office have been known to truly enhance the look and feel of the place. Tiles can give a feel of added space, increase the location’s value, create the atmosphere of your choice and help people be inspired by the design unique to your place of work. 3 pieces of advice for you when choosing your office look: When choosing a pattern, we recommend choosing BIG tiles. The bigger, the better, as the patterns of larger tiles create less distraction than smaller ones, allowing anyone working to retain their concentration for longer. As there are so manyRead More →

If you are looking for a new vanity to accompany your bathroom build/renovation, then marble is a fantastic product choice for style and longevity. Made from a hard, crystalline form of limestone, marble is known for it’s specific white streak and for having often very unique variations of colours. This stone can either be polished for a high shine or honed for a more casual, matte finish. It’s also strong enough to resist most chips or dents, as well as long-lasting and can be adaptable to most individual styles. Of course when it comes to cabinets/surfaces, marble is often used for bathrooms and kitchen counterRead More →

What is a full-bodied tile? The tile is often glazed, which means that they are covered with a layer of coloured glass. Opposite to the glazed tile is a full-bodied tile, which is the same colour and material. This means that if you split the vertex, the damage is not so obvious. What is a rectified tile? Rectified tiles have a clean, neat and symmetrical appearance thanks to their fabrication. They are made of porcelain or ceramic, precisely worked out and grounded to ensure the straightness of their edges. What’s glazed porcelain? Glazed porcelain is a type of tile made from porcelain and coated in aRead More →

The idea of ​​a wet room may seem a bit complicated, even daunting to some, but in reality it’s actually very simple with just a few basic steps, along with the right products. Converting the smallest bathroom into a smart and friendly design for a friendly room, without protruding fixtures or rigid shower trays, is an easy way to make your compact space lightweight and modern in feeling (it’s also easier to clean!). Follow these 8 steps and you will be on your way to understanding the best way to install a wet room in your home Choose your grate Put your own style inRead More →