Our extensive Mosaic tile ranges including both classic and contemporary designs, which can truly customise your decor to create a stunning result. You can add mosaics to the kitchen or bathroom – often of course glass or similar-material mosaic – or you could include natural stone in your home for a classic look. Depending on the layout of your property, there are always options for a fantastic look. Below are some of our mosaic tiles available now! How to Lay Mosaic Tiles Measure the Space Before you apply even a single tile, you will need to measure the space. Mark out where you want themRead More →

Below are some photos of open office space and reception ideas for your next work renovation or build; we hope you find them both inspiring and helpful! Of course, tiles and stones aren’t just for walls: there are also carpet floor tiles to add a very distinctive message to your customers. Here are the main reasons for choosing tile over softer carpets. What to consider when choosing tiles Although floor tiles when used in reception ares or offices may not always be easy to maintain, this depends more on the type of material chosen and where they’ll be installed. Despite this, having such a wideRead More →