Introducing our New Extra Large Format Calacatta Porcelain Sheets, available for customers in-store today! Measuring at 2400x1200x20.5mm, these sheets are fantastic for both splashbacks & benchtops due to size and thickness and are a fantastic addition for your next renovation or remodel. We just love to offer you the best deals on products and price: call us or drop in to our Showroom today for more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon!Read More →

A&J have the biggest range of the best quality bathroom tiles in Australia. Whether you’re renovating a bathroom,  adding a bit of extra detailing or even building a new one, our exciting range of bathroom tiles for your walls and floors are perfect for the job. Let our experts help get it done. Visit our showroom/warehouse in Melbourne and you can be confident of finding a quality product that is designed to last. We offer: • One of the biggest ranges of high quality stone bathroom tiles in Australia • Expert advice about products and designs • Great value for your money   Related postRead More →

Because kitchens are explicitly functional spaces, their success is tied to the products – such as appliances, tap ware, surfaces, ceramics – you choose for them. But of course, we expect more than mere functionality. The kitchen has become the beating heart of the modern home: it’s now an open space designed to work seamlessly and look great while it’s at it. We take these expectations with us too, to public buildings, offices, shopping centres, everywhere. Designing Home Kitchens With Tiles & Benchtops   Our kitchen tiles and tops will make the difference. The old house-party cliché about your friends hiding away in the kitchenRead More →

How to Choose Flooring to Fit Your Style: An easy guide to discover what your design style is and which flooring style will complement your unique look. You probably have an idea of what you love about your house. For example, when you shop online for furniture, maybe you gravitate more towards one style than another. Your flooring style should also match your design style. Most people have a style type, but maybe you don’t know yours. Let’s look at just four of the most recognisable flooring styles: Modern History: Modernism began in the late 1800s and which picked up steam in the 1920s. Modernism’s roots areRead More →

When choosing tiles for your project, we always recommend the best. That’s why our partners in China are continuing to supply us with outstanding new marble tiles we know you’ll love as much as we do. Manufactured with care and dedication, these tiles are designed for robustness, longevity, style and are simply just too good to pass up! We’re very proud of the various looks these provide a home or office, with a range that can inspire anyone on a daily basis. Depending on your needs, we have a range that we know will have just what you need, so come on down or call usRead More →

We have an amazing new range of Wood Look Planks to choose from, check them out here and in-store today! Definition and the Benefits of Wood Look Tiles Wood look (or wood effect) floor tiling, like the name suggests is designed to look like wood, be realistic and feel so comfy underfoot you’d wonder why no-one thought of it decades ago. In terms of the benefits, firstly they’re made to look very much like traditional classic wooden boards. Second, since they’re porcelain they don’t stain; whether it’s coffee, wine, or oil, just sponge them down and you’re good to go. Thirdly, if you like underfootRead More →

Don’t make the outdated choice when you update your floors – use these tile flooring trends to choose something durable and stylish that will stay in style the lifetime of your floor. In self-centred thoughts, we do like the idea of a new floor – or any new home decor, for that matter! There’s a whole lot going on in the flooring industry right now, but if you ask us, tile is where it’s at. Not only are there tons of modern, stylish tile trends to choose from, but tile itself is trending in a big way. Solid, durable tile flooring has always been a staple inRead More →

While bathrooms are a sanitary space for everyday use, they’ve also become quite sought-after, whether it’s a luxurious spa-at-home or simply designed for contemporary comforts. We’ll see bathroom design delve into themes like construction, organic shapes, natural materials, floating cabinetry, open shelving, and geometric tile patterns.   Blurred boundaries No longer purely functional and practical, bathrooms are now imbued with a relaxing, restful ambience. To create a homelier feel in such sanitary spaces, it’s suggested that people start to bring in furniture and accessories more commonly found in the living room or bedroom. Cabinets custom-made to imitate furniture such as small wardrobes, vanity units andRead More →

Since roman times, tiles have been used for bathroom decor, it could even be speculated that ancient Egyptians used some kind of finished sandstone for their bathrooms! In the modern age, they are a must due to the way homes are constructed. Whether protecting the plaster on your walls, protecting your flooring structure from rotting or protecting every single surface from the moisture that steam provides. Here’s a few short tips to help you with your decision of bathroom tiles. Some classic water resistant, go-to tiles for bathrooms are porcelain, ceramic and glass tiles,  As well as sealed natural stone tiles and sealed glazed tiles. An important thing toRead More →

When it comes to remodelling or creating a kitchen from scratch, choosing the right design depends on many factors: the client’s or your own personal style prerequisites, how the kitchen is to be used and functional aspects such as efficiency, spaciousness and convenience.   Before starting the design process, it’s important to understand that kitchens are about more than just cooking – whether small or large, today they represent the heart of the home, the new living space for talking, eating, laughing, and sharing, so the style design will be crucial. From cosy country kitchens to modern, minimal or even pop styles, come and findRead More →