Display some artistic flare! Mosaic tiles can be used in a variety of design choices, whether adding an eloquent flare to a large area or using mosaic design for finishing touches and fine detail. One can be reminded of a piece of art, mixing and matching multiple colours and even different finishes and textures. Here are some ways to make the most of this timeless method of tiling. Feature Walls & Floors Due to the extreme eye-catching nature of a mosaic design, it can be perfect to make a large impact on a space with a feature wall or floor. Full floor-to-ceiling tiled walls willRead More →

The simplest way to give any home or office setting a touch of sophistication following the most valid trends in contemporary living, is definitely choosing precious stones to use on floors, walls and for furnishing details. Widely used for tasteful design, marble is essentially the prime choice. For A&J Trading Tiles & Stones, both designing and creating surfaces inspired by the precious stone means a setting with ceramics to help light up the setting. Thanks to on-going research and development, we have obtained porcelain stoneware slabs, able to offer faithful marble reproduction with their veining effects, tone-on-tone colour nuances as well as naturally shimmering effects. A&J TradingRead More →

  Winter is on it’s way for 2018 If you’re thinking about installing or refurbishing a fireplace in your home, it’s a good idea to consider surrounding it with some beautiful tile work. Depending on which type of fireplace you have, this will impact your decision on which stone to choose, along with the type of finish.   Open Fires & Wood Burners When it comes to surrounding your beautiful wood-burning fireplace, it can be a costly mistake to select unsuitable tiles for the project. At A&J, we recommend using quarry tiles or full bodied porcelain tiles for your open fireplace or iron wood burners. Slate can also be aRead More →

Home Show Melbourne Fact Sheet & Parking Info Announcing A&J Trading Tiles & Stones will be at this year’s Melbourne Home Show from Thurs 5 – Sun 8 April! Hosted by HIA and held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, the Melbourne Home Show plays host to over 280 premier suppliers, showcasing the best products and new releases from all around the world. Check out the official Home Show Blog post for A&J Trading here. We’re very excited and proud to be promoting, as well selling our products and services to the country- it’s a fantastic opportunity, so don’t forget to drop by our stall to check our specialRead More →

If you’re looking for great ways to add luxury specifically designed for your home, why not try luxury tiles! Whether you want floors with a wood look yet lasts longer, or you’re after a stone-inspired atmosphere, we’ve got you covered. It takes just one addition to a home like beautifully-designed tiles to give it the edge you need and we know we can provide you with the right product for your needs. We love our tiles and know you’ll love them too. Check out the photos below for some inspirational ideas! For more information on what we have in store, call us or drop in today.Read More →

Our extensive Mosaic tile ranges including both classic and contemporary designs, which can truly customise your decor to create a stunning result. You can add mosaics to the kitchen or bathroom – often of course glass or similar-material mosaic – or you could include natural stone in your home for a classic look. Depending on the layout of your property, there are always options for a fantastic look. Below are some of our mosaic tiles available now! How to Lay Mosaic Tiles Measure the Space Before you apply even a single tile, you will need to measure the space. Mark out where you want themRead More →

Below are some photos of open office space and reception ideas for your next work renovation or build; we hope you find them both inspiring and helpful! Of course, tiles and stones aren’t just for walls: there are also carpet floor tiles to add a very distinctive message to your customers. Here are the main reasons for choosing tile over softer carpets. What to consider when choosing tiles Although floor tiles when used in reception ares or offices may not always be easy to maintain, this depends more on the type of material chosen and where they’ll be installed. Despite this, having such a wideRead More →

Often, decorative tile patterns on the walls of an office have been known to truly enhance the look and feel of the place. Tiles can give a feel of added space, increase the location’s value, create the atmosphere of your choice and help people be inspired by the design unique to your place of work. 3 pieces of advice for you when choosing your office look: When choosing a pattern, we recommend choosing BIG tiles. The bigger, the better, as the patterns of larger tiles create less distraction than smaller ones, allowing anyone working to retain their concentration for longer. As there are so manyRead More →