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How to Choose Flooring to Fit Your Style: An easy guide to discover what your design style is and which flooring style will complement your unique look.

You probably have an idea of what you love about your house. For example, when you shop online for furniture, maybe you gravitate more towards one style than another. Your flooring style should also match your design style. Most people have a style type, but maybe you don’t know yours.

Let’s look at just four of the most recognisable flooring styles:



Modernism began in the late 1800s and which picked up steam in the 1920s. Modernism’s roots are definitely older than you might expect, but that doesn’t mean it’s old. Modernism is still a very popular style and you’ve likely seen it before. Inspired by the sleek naturalness of Scandinavian designs, modern design mimicked minimalist style practices and celebrated the functional.

Before modernism was the Victorian era – when designs were basically dark, drab and full of long curtains – it wasn’t even a thing. But as they became adults, the Victorian children of the era banished the curtains, swept the floors and brought in the air. They wanted nothing fussy, and thus, modernism was born.

Modern Style Points:

  • Keep it Neutral: Neutral colours and natural materials are favoured. This design favours simplicity.
  • Form Follows Function: No need for fru-fru and unnecessary accessories. Furniture should be simple and functional.
  • Keep in Natural: Natural wood looks are important. Modernist design values raw materials. Pretend you’re in Hemingway’s cabin.
  • Colour me Neutral: Gray, brown, or white colour schemes throughout the room keep everything simple and cohesive.



When talking about design, contemporary and modern are totally different things. Contemporary design means “of the moment.” This design style is clean, smooth, and bold.

Currently hard flooring is in while carpet is out. Open floor plans are also contemporary, as well as neutral colours with an accent colour.

Contemporary Style Points:

  • When: Contemporary style is the “now.”
  • Colour Pop: If you’re familiar with the use of a “pop of colour,” then you probably have seen contemporary style.
  • Boldness & Beauty: It’s all about the accessories.
  • Openness: Open spaces are important in composition.
  • Keep it Simple: You probably want to avoid embellishments and curvy pieces of furniture. Simple lines are for the contemporary.
  • Natural: Bare and smooth floors. Lay off the rugs and the distressed look- unless you really want or need them!

The look of contemporary is clean and smooth, yet also bold. Decorate open floor plans in contemporary style. If you love pops of colour in your rooms, choose a neutral floor like wood or tile in a light finish. It will make your colours stand out and a light finish makes your room look more open and airy– perfect for this style.



Today, traditional style is simply warm and comfortable. Traditional style tends to be more formal, and furniture looks European.

Traditional Style Points:

  • How Does it Feel: Comforting and classic. This is every showroom aesthetic.
  • Be Plush: Traditional style is all about the comfort. Keep your plush couches and snuggle in on cold nights.
  • Matte and Muted: No modern pieces or shiny accessories here.
  • Gentle Curves: Sharp lines are NOT the look of comfort. For true comfort, you need furniture with rounded edges and gentle curves.
  • Think Warm: Indulge in your mid-range warm color tones. Reds, browns, and deep greens make for a comfortable and inviting place.
  • Be Luxe: Crown molding and darker floors add warmth and luxury to a room.



While Australia in recent decades has adopted many western and European styles of flooring, the United States coastal style has actually been around since the 1800s. It began there with the New England-style beach houses and that aesthetic has carried over. In the early 1800s, America was expanding along the coast line, and later on, in the 1920s, socialites were building beach houses all the time. As you can imagine, beaches do get a little hot and muggy, so light cotton, linen, and airy rooms became valued in the home. The same remains true today, there and here. With Australia having predominantly coastal-focused city-living throughout pretty much all the states and territories, it was inevitable that this particular style of flooring would become necessary to help compliment the beautiful beachfront living of many Aussies.

Coastal Style Points:

  • The Look: Think beach house chic.
  • Let in the Breeze: The rooms are light and airy.
  • Light Linen: Linen upholstered bedding, couches, and chairs complete the look.
  • Got the Beach Blues: The colour scheme ventures towards whites, blues, tans, and greys.
  • Raw Wood: Unfinished light wood furniture keeps the style bright and classic.

There you have it. With these and many more styles to choose from, you’re sure to make any floor stand out in your next renovation so get in touch today to see how we can help you!

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