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As you begin to host your barbecues in the summer, your kitchen will start to have good food, people and of course, the inevitable mess. Cleaning your counter-tops leaves you face-to-face with your backsplash; a kitchen accessory that often times becomes the striking feature of the room. Whether it’s assembled with polished white tiles or a collage of porous stone, your backsplash is unique to you.

Yet what if that assortment of stones no longer appeals to you? The history of backsplash is a long one, changing shapes, colours, and designs everyday. We recommend solving the kitchen conflict with mosaics: a popular trend and inspiring idea that can increase your home value and add extra pop to your kitchen!

Here are a few reasons why this hot commodity might appeal to you:

  1. With so many styles around, it’s unlikely to find a kitchen exactly like yours. If you’re looking to increase your ‘wow’ factor, now’s your chance. Mosaics come in many different ranges of colours, styles, and combinations, meaning it’s likely you’ll find one that not many homeowners as yet have. You can even create custom blends unlike no other!
  2. You can still stick to neutrals. Your first thought after reading ‘mosaics’ might be similar to an art exhibit: colourful, intricate patterns that never fail to catch the eye. Although they are guaranteed to catch the eyes of your guests, it doesn’t have to be through the bright, interwoven colours, or patterns of small tiles. Mosaics can also be available in large “tile” sizes too. Your backsplash can still dazzle with soft, neutrals such as white, creamy colours. Regardless of the choice, mosaics will give your kitchen a high-end look.
  3. It’s green! No, not the colour but choosing glass mosaics for your kitchen is an environmentally friendly choice. Now there are many tile options that are made from selection of porcelain products designed for the least impact on the world.
  4. No heavy maintenance is required. While the choice of tile or the material used might make you nervous, there is no need to fear the new trend. Mosaics are durable and are made to last without heavy maintenance or upkeep. In fact, they are even quite easy to clean. Our tiles are clean, hygienic and are made to withstand being submerged in water. As for the grouting, as long as you clean and maintain it, your design will last as long as your home.
  5. The sky’s the limit; mosaics are known for being incredibly versatile, so why stop at your kitchen? Add them to your showers, pools, even fireplaces. Whether it’s a simple shower niche or a decked out hot tub, they can be used almost anywhere. Let your imagination (and design) run wild!

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