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4 Best Materials For Stone Benchtops In Melbourne

You should choose only the best stone benchtop manufacturers with A&J Trading. We have the best stone benchtops in Melbourne. Picking out these four materials is half the work done and it is incredibly stunning and sturdy. These stone kitchen benchtops include granite, marble, quartz stone and caesarstone kitchen benchtops. Granite Stone These granite kitchen

Stone Benchtops In Melbourne

Improving your Space with a Modern Bathroom Vanity Sink

If your bathroom lacks space, it does not mean that it cannot be functional. You just need to know how to be clever and use space-saving ways to lay it out. In most bathrooms, the sink cabinet is often very large and lacking in useful storage space and it should be replaced with vanity sinks.

Bathroom Vanity Sink

7 Ways Natural Stone Benchtops can Transform your Kitchen

The mere sight of natural stone benchtops in Melbourne can soothe the mind and refresh the soul. This material stands out with natural stone kitchen benchtops or anywhere you use it. In this article, we are going to discuss the various benefits of natural stone benchtops and how it can transform your home. Transform Your

Natural Stone Benchtops

Top 5 Reasons to Choose an Engineered Stone Benchtop

Engineered stone benchtops are popular in kitchen, bathrooms and places like fireplaces and splashbacks. These slabs are made of 95% natural quartz aggregates that are bound together with polymer resins and pigments. Let’s look at five of the top reasons why homeowners and builders choose engineered stone benchtops. 1. Durability: With a combination of quartz

Choose an Engineered Stone Benchtop

New Extra Large Format Porcelain Sheets

Introducing our New Extra Large Format Calacatta Porcelain Sheets, available for customers in-store today! Measuring at 2400x1200x20.5mm, these sheets are fantastic for both splashbacks & benchtops due to size and thickness and are a fantastic addition for your next renovation or remodel. We just love to offer you the best deals on products and price: call us or

Bathroom Tiles and Basins

A&J have the biggest range of the best quality bathroom tiles in Australia. Whether you’re renovating a bathroom,  adding a bit of extra detailing or even building a new one, our exciting range of bathroom tiles for your walls and floors are perfect for the job. Let our experts help get it done. Visit our

Choosing flooring that fits your style

How to Choose Flooring to Fit Your Style: An easy guide to discover what your design style is and which flooring style will complement your unique look. You probably have an idea of what you love about your house. For example, when you shop online for furniture, maybe you gravitate more towards one style than

New Wood Planks

We have an amazing new range of Wood Look Planks to choose from, check them out here and in-store today! Definition and the Benefits of Wood Look Tiles Wood look (or wood effect) floor tiling, like the name suggests is designed to look like wood, be realistic and feel so comfy underfoot you’d wonder why

New Natural Stone Arrivals

When choosing tiles for your project, we always recommend the best. That’s why our partners in China are continuing to supply us with outstanding new marble tiles we know you’ll love as much as we do. Manufactured with care and dedication, these tiles are designed for robustness, longevity, style and are simply just too good

The Benefits of Using Outside Tiles

Just like the tiles used indoors, outdoor tiles come in a vast array of colours, textures, styles, and materials. However, unlike their indoor counterparts, outdoor tiles need to be strong, hard, and durable enough to withstand the elements. They need to be able to withstand all that nature throws at them while providing us with

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