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Because kitchens are explicitly functional spaces, their success is tied to the products – such as appliances, tap ware, surfaces, ceramics – you choose for them. But of course, we expect more than mere functionality.

The kitchen has become the beating heart of the modern home: it’s now an open space designed to work seamlessly and look great while it’s at it. We take these expectations with us too, to public buildings, offices, shopping centres, everywhere.

Designing Home Kitchens With Tiles & Benchtops

Our kitchen tiles and tops will make the difference. The old house-party cliché about your friends hiding away in the kitchen doesn’t make sense anymore, because the kitchen now takes centre stage in the modern home. And with this glamorous new role comes new demands on  function and appearance. For example, Kitchen cupboards are no longer just cupboards; they’re a highly visible part of the furniture & fittings in an open-plan living space. The choice of a timber veneer like poplar plywood, say, must consider colour, building material and furniture selections in adjoining lounge and dining areas.

This is especially true for the kitchen island bench, which has become a hub around which daily life mills, where foods are prepared and eaten, laptops are perched, keys are plonked and, at parties, finger food and drinks are laid out. As a result, the options for kitchen benchtop material have become highly varied and, for some, vexing! There are laminate benchtops, mouldable acrylic benchtops, concrete slab benchtops, porcelain benchtops, quartz surfaces and more, all differentiated by durability, aesthetics and cost.

Of course, a kitchen benchtop isn’t typically a flat, uninterrupted surface. It accommodates kitchen sinks, tapware and cooktops, and the choices available for these products reflect two common and distinct kitchen design directions: minimalism and expressed functionality. The minimalist approach relies on simplicity of form and concealment of appliances and clutter – for example, an induction cooktop sitting flush with the benchtop, a sculptural spout over a single centre-bowl undermount sink, a built-in oven and integrated dishwasher, and joinery with a concealed hinge system, lift system and soft-closing drawer system that doesn’t require handles or pulls. Or if you prefer of course, you can move the the majority of appliances to a separate surface, allowing more space for you and your guests!

Just remember, not everyone loves talking about kitchens. For some, the thought of deciding between acrylic and aluminium splashbacks, or between a gas or an electric cooktop, is just plain wearying! If that’s you, the best solution might be to install a kitchen system. These range from flat-pack kitchenettes to high-end kitchen design systems customised to your space and requirements, so all you have to do is send out the invitations and prepare the hors d’oeuvres.

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