Large Format Porcelain Sheet

Choose from our exquisite collection of Large Format Porcelain Tiles

Exceptionally designed porcelain sheets to add a touch of finesse to your interiors or exteriors.

Besides the high quality of the sheets, they are also:

  • Scratch resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Sustainably made and distributed
  • Chemical free

They are also exceptionally good for cold weather situations as they insulate the room and trap in the heat. In addition to that, these panels are resistant to heat, water and fire. Large format porcelain tiles can be used for installation in both interior and exterior locations. These sheets are extremely easy to install, and can be at your convenience.

Besides regular consumption, the porcelain sheets can be used for an array of uses like lining the interiors of cabinets etc. So the next time you’re thinking of changing the cupboards, how about a fresh insert for the cabinets while you’re at it.

In addition, it comes in a wide variety of design patterns and choices. So it serves as an aesthetic plus point as well. Our unique choices help change the game of your interiors and exteriors.

These porcelain sheets are also incredibly sustainable and last for a long time. Thus, making it to be an extremely eco friendly product. We at A&J Trading are passionate about the quality of product we are giving to our customers. We aim to leave as little a footprint environmentally.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our product. With out consultations, we ensure that you choose what is best for your home aesthetically and functionally.

For a free quote or any queries you might have you can come in to our state of the art showroom directly or give us a call at 0421 981 198.

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