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Living Luxurious for June 2018

We’re excited to share with our customers some of these absolutely stunning examples of how our tiles can impact the spaces in your home, giving a true luxurious feel.

All of the tiles featured are available at our store, so drop by for a coffee and let’s discuss some ideas on how to ‘lux’ up your space!

Mix & Match!

Here is a fantastic approach to living room flooring by mixing and matching different tiles to add a large, mosaic feel.

Although these floor tiles have large contrast from light, medium to dark, they also possess a pale bronze & gold quality, which is present throughout.

Having a 3 scale contrast also plays well with the colour palette in the space, allowing light to medium walls and a black & white shade ceiling.

A great way to bring some organised chaos to interior design.

Dark cabinets scream luxury!

Take a look at this simple, yet striking kitchen design. Dark grey tiles with acid-wash white qualities, against a beautiful, mildly-veined, white marble counter-top.

Many may opt for lighter coloured cabinets for their kitchen space, but if you’re not short of natural light and prefer a bold, luxurious feel, this is a great solution.

Surround yourself!

Does it get any more luxurious than surrounding yourself in marble tiles? This bathroom boasts amazing, large marble tiles from floor-to-wall.

A timeless trend is full immersion in a single-style, extra large tiles. You could go a step further and add them to your ceiling also, live like an Emperor or Queen!

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