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Part of our job at A&J Tiles and Stones is to keep on top of the most cutting-edge and popular interior design trends. With the recent Melbourne Home Show in April this year, we saw many of these trends and can now share with you our picks for the top tiles in 2018.


Matte tiles are the top trend in 2018, in many homes edging out glossy tiles as the most popular finish. Matte tiles are commonly used in light to high people traffic areas such as bathroom floors, outdoors and hallways as they provide traction, yet gloss tiles can also be used on floors as long as they are porcelain. Matte tiles are recommended for customers who are looking for modern, stylish tiles which are non-slip in nature that don’t show watermarks.


The industrial trend in interior design continues into 2018 with concrete still very much in demand. Concrete tiles are popular in modern cafes as well as in the home, even paired with matte tiles for a striking urban atmosphere. To achieve the industrial look, we suggest using concrete tiles for flooring and a rustic material such as brick on the walls, accented with metallic accessories and framed furniture.


Apart from colour, textured tiles are a popular way to add interest to a  particular room or wall. They can add subtle variations in colour and depth to a surface depending on the tile. For example, strips of slate can create a staggered, multi-level design, while raked and 3D tiles add an artistic and sophisticated look to a space.


Patterned tiles have been trending for the past few years, yet 2018 will see the advent of geometric tile patterns. While the more intricate patterns are still available, new popular geometric styles include cubes, triangles and hexagons, each of which can be used in a variety of ways including as flooring, accent pieces or feature walls.


Finally, the always elegant marble is still the material of choice in 2018 for a sense of luxury that’s timeless. Whites and greys are usually the most popular colours, with a variety of veining intensities to complement the style of your home. For those who would like the effect of marble without the ongoing maintenance or cost, porcelain and other ‘marble effect’ tiles are an easy and affordable alternative.

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