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Over the years, tile sizes have grown dramatically. 20 years ago, 8mm×8mm floor tiles and 4mm×4mm wall tiles were in fashion. These days, the more common and fashionable sizes can include 1200mm×600x13mm and 800mm×800mmx10mm. Others can even be measured quite a lot larger for floor and wall tiles.

When talking to homeowners in the A&J Showroom, we discover that they have sometimes been misled to believe that because they have a small room, they should select a small tile. Truth be told, size doesn’t always matter. Colour, texture, shape and sometimes size will all determine if a room feels either big or small. Ultimately, when choosing a tile size, it comes down to personal preference.

As we mentioned before, Large Format Tiles are becoming increasingly popular and necessary. We’ve found that thickness plays a major role in deciding on the tiles for the job. We find that 6mm thick tiles are great for backsplash and bathrooms, while 12mm thick ones are best for benchtops.

However, what can (and often does) determine whether a larger tile can be installed is the condition of the floor. A floor that isn’t flat can limit a homeowner’s choices to smaller tile. Larger tiles will lie unevenly on floors that aren’t level, causing lippage (or uneven flooring, for those who don’t know).

Similar to the problem of large tiles on the floor, an uneven wall can cause lippage issues with large format tiles. This problem can be exasperated for homeowners when the lighting of the room strikes the lippage in such a way that distracting shadows are caused. Our partners at Ocean Building Services are the best at creating a flat, level surface that is also waterproofed for installing your tiles.

Your options are plentiful when it comes to which size of tile you can use, but don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Contact A&J Trading Tiles and Stones on 1300 730 201 with any questions you have. We’ll be happy to assist you!

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