Tile is a natural for bathroom walls and floors. It’s versatile, beautiful and enables so many design possibilities to enhance the livability and overall value of your home. Here are therefore 5 of the best ceramic and porcelain tile trends for bathrooms we’ve found to inspire you. Several of the Best Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Trends for Bathrooms 1. Large format ceramic and porcelain tile Large format ceramic and porcelain tile look really good on floors and walls. Just as floor tile sizes are getting bigger, wall tile sizes are also getting much larger too. The larger size tends to make a space look bigger; it also requiresRead More →

Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts: When on the topic of caring and cleaning your stone, there are some recommended do’s and don’ts that you should highly consider following:   Do dust mop your floors frequently Do keep surfaces clean with mild detergent Do use clean, clear water to rinse and dry your surfaces after washing Do blot up spills immediately, instead of wiping and spreading the spill/stain. Do exercise common protective practices such as using non-slip mats or rugs on floor surfaces and coasters. placemats or tablecloths on countertops.   Don’t use worn vacuum cleaners. The metal, plastic or wheels may scratch your surfaces. Don’t mixRead More →