A&J have the biggest range of the best quality bathroom tiles in Australia. Whether you’re renovating a bathroom,  adding a bit of extra detailing or even building a new one, our exciting range of bathroom tiles for your walls and floors are perfect for the job. Let our experts help get it done. Visit our showroom/warehouse in Melbourne and you can be confident of finding a quality product that is designed to last. We offer: • One of the biggest ranges of high quality stone bathroom tiles in Australia • Expert advice about products and designs • Great value for your money   Related postRead More →

Because kitchens are explicitly functional spaces, their success is tied to the products – such as appliances, tap ware, surfaces, ceramics – you choose for them. But of course, we expect more than mere functionality. The kitchen has become the beating heart of the modern home: it’s now an open space designed to work seamlessly and look great while it’s at it. We take these expectations with us too, to public buildings, offices, shopping centres, everywhere. Designing Home Kitchens With Tiles & Benchtops   Our kitchen tiles and tops will make the difference. The old house-party cliché about your friends hiding away in the kitchenRead More →

Since roman times, tiles have been used for bathroom decor, it could even be speculated that ancient Egyptians used some kind of finished sandstone for their bathrooms! In the modern age, they are a must due to the way homes are constructed. Whether protecting the plaster on your walls, protecting your flooring structure from rotting or protecting every single surface from the moisture that steam provides. Here’s a few short tips to help you with your decision of bathroom tiles. Some classic water resistant, go-to tiles for bathrooms are porcelain, ceramic and glass tiles,  As well as sealed natural stone tiles and sealed glazed tiles. An important thing toRead More →

Display some artistic flare! Mosaic tiles can be used in a variety of design choices, whether adding an eloquent flare to a large area or using mosaic design for finishing touches and fine detail. One can be reminded of a piece of art, mixing and matching multiple colours and even different finishes and textures. Here are some ways to make the most of this timeless method of tiling. Feature Walls & Floors Due to the extreme eye-catching nature of a mosaic design, it can be perfect to make a large impact on a space with a feature wall or floor. Full floor-to-ceiling tiled walls willRead More →

At A&J Trading International, we are very passionate about high-quality tile and stone for use in both residential and commercial projects. To that end, we have partnered with a fantastic China-based manufacturer and international distributor to bring you the best products at competitive prices. We strive to give you best experience possible, even providing you with accurate care advice; your needs are our needs. Our tiling products range from rustic to polished to porcelain glazed over a number of different styles, colour schemes and patterns for each grouping, so you’re bound to find a product to suit your needs. With backgrounds in construction and product distributionRead More →