Top 5 Reasons to Choose an Engineered Stone Benchtop

Choose an Engineered Stone Benchtop

Engineered stone benchtops are popular in kitchen, bathrooms and places like fireplaces and splashbacks. These slabs are made of 95% natural quartz aggregates that are bound together with polymer resins and pigments. Let’s look at five of the top reasons why homeowners and builders choose engineered stone benchtops.

1. Durability: With a combination of quartz which is one of the strongest stone substances and designe with resin makes the slab and surface which are built for a long term. Slabs are resistant to cracking and heat and are easy to work with. It is engineered stone that is robust enough to handle installation and transportation to your site.

2. Scratch, Chip, and Stain Resistant: You will want the kitchen and bathroom to look as new as long as possible. You can rest easy with the knowledge at engineered stone is scratch, chip and stain resistant and is a great alternative to marble. This is an ideal solution for demands of any kitchen with the combination of quartz and high-performance polymers readily stands up to the clatter of pots and pans and the spills that occasionally happen. Whether its spills of coffee, wine or vinegar, engineered stone handles it all.

3. Versatile Range of Colours and Designs: Engineered Stone is so versatile that it fits the design and décor of your home or project. Professional designers look for high-end finishes to know that engineered stone comes in a huge range of styles and colours. This includes granite and marble finishes which blend the best of both worlds when it comes to providing a natural finish that has durability and strength.

4. Low Maintenance: You should know that engineered stone benchtops are free of maintenance. Unlike other benchtop materials like granite or marble, engineered stone does not require regular resealing to keep its fresh look. A normal clean with bathroom and kitchen products is all that is needed.

5. Affordability: When it comes to determining engineered stone solutions, they are often cheaper than natural stone alternatives. To add to this, the absence of ongoing maintenance costs and peace of mind that comes with long warranty cover and engineered stone benchtops make it a very attractive option for investment.

What is engineered stone benchtops?

Benchtops made of engineered stone which are easy to lay down, scratch resistant, sustainable and long lasting and easy to clean.

How to clean engineered stone benchtops?

All you have to do is wipe the external surface of the engineered stone benchtops with soapy water. Engineered stone is easy to maintain as it is a textured surface and it is highly sustainable and long lasting.

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