A&J Tiles and Stones

At A&J Trading, we’re committed to bringing our customers the finest materials, focusing on quality, service and satisfaction for our customers.

We personally source some of the highest quality stone, from quarries made available to us closer to home.

Andre & Johnny have worked in the industry for many years, and strive to bring our customers the best tiles and stone from around the world.

Sourcing Marble

We own and operate our own dedicated quarry and stonemason facilities, where our team carefully cut and polish stone from its raw form into tiles that last forever in your home or business.

Our tiles are hand-cut and polished, and delivered to our warehouse with the utmost care. Any tile that isn’t 100% perfect is discarded.

As you can see below, our tiles originate in marble blocks that are carefully excavated. We use traditional stonemasonry tools and techniques, not modern chemicals that can alter the composition and quality of the stone.

Whilst it may appear daunting at first, the scale and density of our stone makes it very easy to form quality products for a variety of uses – including standard household tiles, to commercial products.

Feel free to visit our showroom at any time to see our products and learn more about where they are sourced and how we manufacture them.

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