Bathroom Vanity Benchtop

Easy to Install Bathroom Vanity Benchtops

Your bathroom is your own personal space. For a few minutes a day, you are on your own personal island. A reclusive spot for you to collect your thoughts and get yourself ready for the day. Sounds magical right? Make it even more dreamy by getting one of our Vanity Benchtops for your bathrooms. Add a touch of luxury to your spot of solitude, and feel like royalty.

Custom Vanity Tubs

Vanities provide you with the space you need to recharge yourself for the day, and the quality of it should go a long way since it is something that is in constant use. Our porcelain tiles and other accompanying natural stones would also make a great addition to your bathroom scape. Pairing the vanities with stain and scratch resistant porcelain takes your space to the next level.

Beautifully designed custom vanity tubs and benchtops for your bathroom. A&J Trading thinks of the little things so you don’t have to. We custom build you the entire outfit for the bathroom. Our keen eye for detail and aesthetics helps add subtle touches to your modern bathroom.

The Vanities can depend on:

  • Bathroom aesthetics
  • Bathroom Size
  • Requirements from the space
  • Frequency of usage

Our company provides excellent installation services for your vanity benchtops. No matter what the customisation is, we ensure that it is easily set up and quickly done.

We size up your spaces and ensure that we find the right style for you and your space. From a wide range of contemporary designs, our vanities can be designed to be spacious or compact depending on your requirements for the space.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our product. With out consultations, we ensure that you choose what is best for your home aesthetically and functionally.

For a free quote or any queries you might have you can come in to our state of the art showroom directly or give us a call at 0421 981 198.

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