Improving your Space with a Modern Bathroom Vanity Sink

Bathroom Vanity Sink

If your bathroom lacks space, it does not mean that it cannot be functional. You just need to know how to be clever and use space-saving ways to lay it out. In most bathrooms, the sink cabinet is often very large and lacking in useful storage space and it should be replaced with vanity sinks. You should look at taking back some space for your tiny bathroom. Replace the old and outdated cabinets with a modern small bathroom vanity sinks.

Wall-mounted small bathroom vanities

The best way to open up the flow of a tiny bathroom is by wall-mounting your bath vanities. Add a basket or boxes below the vanity that you use for extra storage. Also, you can leave the space open for a clean, minimalist feel. Wall-mounting a small bathroom vanity takes a little extra work and the vanity should be anchored to the wall studs but the extra effort would be worth it for a clean and contemporary look that you always wanted.

Corner bathroom vanities for tiny bathrooms

Usually corners are normally unused and forgotten spots. You should designate a bathroom corner as the wash area as it could give you a lot of space and utility. These corner bathroom vanity sinks can be used quite effectively and efficiently as well.

Small bathroom vanities with storage

You can add storage to tiny bathrooms and its a great way to hide clutter. This creates a visually larger and more expansive bathroom. These small bathroom vanity sinks feature smart drawers and shelving that use each and every square inch in the cabinet.

Small pedestal sinks

In case storage is not an issue, a small pedestal sink could be the perfect upgrade. These are great in a guest bathroom where a statement pedestal would help make a bathroom all the more memorable. There are several architecturally stunning small pedestal sinks that you can find and let us know if we could be of assistance.

Mirrored small bathroom vanities

Mirrors help brighten and expand a small space. The following small bathroom vanities feature chic mirror designs. These mirrored small bathroom vanities add style and create a bigger bathroom effect in terms of look and feel.

Small glass bath vanities

While tiny bathrooms make you feel closed in and restricted. A glass vanity gives you a contemporary look. Plus, it provides for extra counter space without making the bath feel cramped and congested.

Apron-front small vanities

The farmhouse style is one of the best home design styles out there today. By adding an apron-front sink vanity adds that updated country-chic look to your bathroom even if its space-challenged.

If you are updating your bathroom vanity then you should not forget the main elements that will complete the look which include a stylish mirror, wall sconces or pendant light and a modern faucet.

Learn about the best small bathroom vanities around and you will find plenty of ideas on how to save space and help beautify your small bathroom in no time. Call us at A&J Trading at 1300 730 201 to help you with choosing the best bathroom vanity sinks and to help you with all your questions and doubts about our products and range.

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