8 Stylish Vanity Design Ideas for Modern Bathroom

Bathroom Vanity Benchtops

When it comes to bathrooms, you would enjoy it all the more if it is handy and clever when it comes to bathroom renovations. The bathroom is one of the most occupied rooms in the house and it is the place that you need to start your day with. This could be whether you are getting ready or getting the children ready for school. At the same time, you need to pay attention to the functionality and ease of use along with the style and finishes. Here are some ideas for your bathroom vanity benchtops:

  1. Open Shelve

If you are integrating open shelving into the vanity then this allows you to keep towels that are within reach. This renders a classy look that creates a spa-like feel to your bathroom.

  1. Creating More Space

You should acquire more bench space by having your bathroom vanity benchtop go over the end of the bath. The space underneath can be utilised to keep your beauty products in a beautiful basket or even your children’s toys.

  1. Efficient Storage

You should know that storage is the essential component in your bathroom like any other room in your home. This is why while designing your bathroom vanity, you should consider several things like the need to store your bathroom vanity. When you plan for practical storage, it will aid to ensuring all things get a place and that things would not have to be placed on top of the vanity.

  1. Floating or Wall-Mounted

A floating or wall-mounted bathroom vanity benchtop is the best way to make a small room feel bigger. You will get larger space when you are able to see more space in the room. Also, it is more desirable that your drainage pipes go into the wall and not through the floor for this type of vanity.

  1. Drawers

When you are looking for making extra user-friendly storage in your bathroom then drawers are the way to go. If you drawers are directly below the sink then the drawers need to be cut around the sink drainage pipe. You can make several divisions in the drawers or add drawer inserts to share the space to add small pieces.

  1. Ingenious Sink

If you are thinking of buying a stone vanity top, then you should think about an under mount basin. This basin sits beneath the surface and you can easily wipe out the water that gets accumulated on top directly into the basin. If you wall-mount the taps then cleaning in and around the basin becomes easier.

  1. Smart Cabinet with Intelligent Storage

Another great idea is by making a cabinet with intelligent storage. This is done by having mirror doors on the wall that is above your vanity. In this way, it will create a sleek look which has a secret storage.

  1. Distinctiveness

This bathroom can be an ideal room in you home that allows your creativity to take form. This means that you should use this room and try distinctive styles and colours that you would normally not pick.

These bathroom vanity benchtops come with distinct styles and you should choose a combination of these ideas to make your bathroom standout. For more details about how to go about this, contact  A&J Trading at 1300 730 201.

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